Augmented Reality Presentation

This augmented reality presentation is designed to allow users to view and explore the Army booth. To use it, hold up one of the AR markers in the back of your exhibit brochure in front of your webcam. To view information about the different parts of the exhibit, rotate the AR marker to bring the section you are interested in closer to the camera. If you have no webcam or are unable to view augmented reality, follow the prompt above to view the static version.

Warriors Corner

The Warriors Corner continues the tribute to America's Army: The Strength of the Nation. We invite visitors to see and hear various speakers share their on-the-ground experience and lessons learned. It is a chance to understand the Army's professionalism, dedication and needs for the future.

Strength of the Nation Theater

This year's videos are being showcased in the theater area of the 2010 Army Exhibit:

America's Army
The Strength of the Nation

A story about the strength of today's Soldiers and thetransformation of today's Army. Featuring four Medal of Honor recipients who exemplify what makes America's Army the Strength of the Nation.

The United States Army
Faces of Strength

A collection of movies that highlights the everyday Heroes of the Army Family, who have answered their country's call with selfless service and unflinching strength.

Army Social Media Workshop

Your attendance at this workshop will help you answer two important questions: 1) How does social media impact Army mission accomplishment? and 2) How is the Army using social media to enhance its achievement? In a tightly constructed and visually dynamic multimedia presentation, you will be educated on the Army's formal position on social media. You will then learn about three areas where social media affects Army life. From crisis communications to maintaining ties during deployment, you will see why and how today's Army is using the most effective communication tools to stay connected and achieve its mission.

Faces of Strength Wall

Faces of Strength demonstrates how America's Army is the Strength of the Nation. Through strong portraits and compelling stories, you will see the men, women and children who embody everything that is best, strongest and most enduring about our country. They are the faces of our Active, Guard and Reserve Soldiers, their Families, Army Civilians, Retirees and Veterans who answer their Nation's call with selfless service and unflinching strength. They are members of our communities who demonstrate their love of the Nation by supporting the Army Family at home and around the world. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Gallery of Heroes

The Gallery of Heroes kiosk is located adjacent to the social media workshop and workstations. This multimedia presentation honors the most exemplary heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Brief narratives featuring every Soldier awarded the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star scroll on the screen silent and poignant illustrations of the courage and valor of Soldiers. Additionally, an alphabetized, searchable database will allow you to quickly locate and read about a decorated Soldier. They are irrefutable evidence that America's Army is truly the Strength of the Nation

Army Social Media Wall

The multimedia wall gives you an opportunity to learn about the exhibit and your own social media knowledge. It is presented on four screens. The first screen on the wall gives you a chance to use your Augmented Reality markers (explained to the right). The markers activate screens that showcase and highlight various aspects of each zone in the exhibit. The second screen offers a social media survey that allows you to gauge your social media habits and knowledge against other users. This information is based locally and is not used to gather information just for users to compare themselves to other AUSA attendees. The third screen provides info graphics on social media and how the Army engages through it. The final screen gives you a look at the Army's website dedicated to its Medal of Honor recipients,